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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strategic Human Resource Management


1 The concept of human resource management

HRM defined ; Human resource systems ; Aims of HRM ;Characteristics of HRM ; Reservations about HRM

2 The concept of strategy
Strategy defined ; The concept of strategy ; The formulation of strategy

3 The concept of strategic human resource management
Strategic HRM defined ; Basis of strategic HRM ;Principles of strategic HRM ; Aims of strategic HRM ;Concepts of strategic HRM ; Perspectives on strategic HRM ;The best-practice approach ; The best-fit approach ;Bundling ; The reality of strategic HRM ; Practicalimplications of strategic HRM theory


4 HR strategies
What are HR strategies? ; What is the purpose of HR strategies? ; Overall HR strategies ; Specific HR strategies ;Criteria for an effective HR strategy ; How should HR strategies be developed? ; Developing HR strategies ;Implementing HR strategies

5 The strategic role of HR
The strategic nature of HR ; The strategic partner model ;What being strategic means ; The strategic role of HR directors ; The strategic role of heads of HR functions ;The strategic role of HR business partners ; The strategic contribution of HR advisers or assistants

6 The impact of strategic HRM
How HR impacts on organizational performance ;How strategic HRM concepts impact on practice

7 Strategic HRM in action
Formulating HR strategy ; The content of HR strategies ;Corporate issues ; Achieving integration ; What are the most characteristic features of strategic HRM in action?


8 Human capital management strategy

Aims of human capital management ; The link between HCM
and business strategy ; Developing a human capital management strategy ; Conclusions: the role of human capital management strategy

9 High-performance strategy
High-performance work system defined ; Characteristics of a high-performance work system ; Components of an HPWS ; Impact of high-performance work systems ; Developing a high-performance strategy

10 Corporate social responsibility strategy
Strategic CSR defined ; CSR activities ; The rationale for CSR ; Developing a CSR strategy

11 Organization development strategy
Organization development defined ; OD strategies ;Assumptions and values of OD ; Activities incorporated in the OD strategy ; Strategies for organizational transformation

12 Employee engagement strategy
Engagement and organizational commitment ; The significance of engagement ; Engagement and discretionary behaviour ; What is an engaged employee? ; What are the factors that influence engagement? ; Strategies for enhancing engagement ; Measuring engagement

13 Knowledge management strategy
The process of knowledge management ; Sources and types of knowledge ; Approaches to the development of knowledge management strategies ; Strategic knowledge management issues ; Components of a knowledge management strategy

14 Employee resourcing strategy
The objective of employee resourcing strategy ; The strategic HRM approach to resourcing ; Integrating business and resourcing strategies ; Bundling resourcing strategies and activities ; The components of employee resourcing strategy ; Human resource planning ; Employee value
proposition ; Resourcing plans ; Retention strategy ; Flexibility strategy

15 Talent management strategy
Talent management defined ; The process of talent management ; Developing a talent management strategy

16 Learning and development strategy
Strategic human resource development (SHRD) ; Strategies for creating a learning culture ; Organizational learning strategies ; Learning organization strategy ; Individual learning strategies

17 Reward strategy
Reward strategy defined ; Why have a reward strategy? ; Characteristics of reward strategies ; The structure of reward strategy ; The content of reward strategy ; Guiding principles ; Developing reward strategy ; Effective reward strategies ; Reward strategy and line management
18 Employee relations strategy
Employee relations strategy defined ; Concerns of employee relations strategy ; Strategic directions ; The background to employee relations strategies ; The HRM approach to employee relations ; Policy options ; Formulating employee relations strategies ; Partnership agreements ;Employee voice strategies


19 Strategic human resource management toolkit 

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